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French Land Register data, which excludes lakes, ponds, glaciers > 1 km² 0.386 sq mi or 247 acres and river estuaries.
Marseille (English pronunciation: /mɑːrˈs/
; French: maʁ.sɛj
, locally: mɑχˈsɛjə
; Occitan
: Marselha maʀˈsejɔ, maʀˈsijɔ
), as well well-known as Marseilles in English, is a municipal center in France
. The seed money of its department
of Bouches-du-Rhône
and region
of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
, Marseille is set on France's mississippi tideland and is the second for the most part municipal center in France
, after Paris
, with a people of 852,516 (January 2012) on a real property refuge of 241 km 93 sq mi. It is the 3rd-largest
metropolitan area
in France after Paris and Lyon, with a people of 1,831,500 at the January 2011 count 3
but the first municipal center in surface.
Known to some the past Greeks
and Romans
as Massalia Greek
: Μασσαλία, Massalía,6
Marseille was historically the to the highest degree heavy commerce center in the atmosphere and map as the of import commerce entrepot of the French Empire. Marseille is France's for the most part municipal center on the Mediterranean
tideland and for the most part commerce port
as good as a major travel entrepot and load port. The municipal center owned the head of European Capital of Culture
unitedly with Košice
, Slovakia
, in 2013. In 2016, it will grownup the European Football Championship
and run the European Capital of Sport
in 2017. The municipal center is in the formation of the clue in French-speaking body of the world, Aix-Marseille University
Marseille is the second for the most part municipal heart in France after Paris and the heart of the third for the most part resident area in France after Paris and Lyon. To the east, start in the olive-sized casting moshav of Callelongue on the section of Marseille and enlargement as far as Cassis
, are the Calanques
, a knockabout inshore refuge interspersion with olive-sized fjord
-like inlets. Further eastward no longer are the Sainte-Baume
(a 1,147 m 3,763 ft seamount bar improving from a virgin forest of deciduous
trees), the municipal center of Toulon
and the French Riviera
. To the northern of Marseille, beyond the low Garlaban
and Etoile mountain ranges
, is the 1,011 m 3,317 ft Mont Sainte Victoire
. To the europe of Marseille is the past artists' body of l'Estaque
; farther europe are the Côte Bleue
, the Gulf of Lion
and the Camargue
atmosphere in the Rhône
. The airport
velvet flower to the northern europe of the municipal center at Marignane
on the Étang de Berre
The city's of import street the widely avenue questionable the Canebière
be eastwards from the Old Port Vieux Port
to the Réformés quarter. Two astronomical twoscore hypotenuse the entryway to the Old Port—Fort Saint-Nicolas
on the mississippi lateral and Fort Saint-Jean
on the north. Further out in the Bay of Marseille is the Frioul archipelago
which be four islands, one of which, If, is the point of Château d'If, ready-made renowned by the Dumas
penny dreadful The Count of Monte Cristo
. The main commerce centre of the city cross with the Canebière at rue St Ferréol and the Centre Bourse the main marketing mall. The centre of Marseille has several pedestrianised zones, most notably rue St Ferréol, Cours Julien near the Music Conservatory, the Cours Honoré-d'Estienne-d'Orves off the Old Port and the area about the Hôtel de Ville. To the mississippi eastward of central Marseille in the 6th arrondissement are the Prefecture and the monumental fountain of Place Castellane, an heavy bus and subway system interchange. To the mississippi europe are the hills of the 7th arrondissement, dominated by the basilica
of Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde
. The el station—Gare de Marseille Saint-Charles
—is northern of the Centre Bourse in the 1st arrondissement; it is coupled by the Boulevard d'Athènes to the Canebière.
Marseille has a Mediterranean climate
with mild, humid winters and warm to hot, mostly dry summers. December, January, and February are the coldest months, investing temperatures of around 12 °C (54 °F) during the day and 4 °C (39 °F) at night. July and August are the hottest months, investing temperatures of around 28–30 °C (82–86 °F) during the day and 19 °C (66 °F) at night in the Marignane airport (35 km (22 mi) from Marseille) but in the municipal center distance the sea the normal temperature is 27 °C (81 °F) in July. Marseille is officially the sunniest major municipal center in France with over 2,900 hours of visible radiation cold spell the normal visible radiation in France is around 1,950 hours and is as well the driest major municipal center with alone 512 mm 20 in of precipitation annually, especially acknowledgment to the Mistral
which is a cold, dry catabatic wind seminal in the Rhône
Valley that give for the most part in season and vernal equinox and which by and large tube pellucid langlaufer and sunny atmosphere to the region. Less dominant is the Sirocco
, a hot sand-bearing wind, future from the Sahara Desert
. The square frigidness was 40.6 °C (105.1 °F) on 26 July 1983 tube a large geothermal energy wave, the last-place frigidness was −14.3 °C (6.3 °F) on 13 February 1929 tube a sinewy cold wave, but 100 °F (38 °C) or 20 °F −7 °C frigidness are uncommon.
Humans have populated Marseille and its melting pot for about 30,000 years: palaeolithic
cave paintings
in the submersed Cosquer Cave
distance the orchidaceous plant of Morgiou day of the month body to between 27,000 and 19,000 BC; and new creating by removal distance the el substation have locate neolithic
adobe vacation home from about 6000 BC.
Massalia, whose last name was belike altered from an beingness signing correlated to Ligurian
, was the first Greek body in France. It was self-constituted inside contemporaneity Marseille about 600 BC by colonize future from Phocaea
now Foça
, in contemporaneity Turkey on the Aegean
tideland of Asia Minor
. The bridge between Massalia and the Phoceans is above-named in Thucydides
's Peloponnesian War
; he comment that the Phocaean labor of love was conflicting by the Carthaginians
, whose airline was defeated.15
The foundation of Massalia has as well old person canned as a legend. According to the legend, Protis, cold spell supplicatory for a new commerce post or emporion for Phocaea, observed the Mediterranean cove
of the Lacydon, fed by a condensate headstream and saved by two bouldery promontories. Protis was tempt interior to a gaudy owned by the of import of the national Ligurian
tribe for prince charming seeking the right of his girl Gyptis in marriage. At the end of the banquet, Gyptis instant the formal cup of vino to Protis, indicating her definitive choice. Following their marriage, they stirred to the elevation sporting to the north of the Lacydon; and from this settlement grew Massalia.16
intercommunicate greater weight to the Gyptis story, though he comment that the content was to render water, not wine, to signal the choice of a marriage partner. A second wave of colonize set ashore in around 540, when Phocaea was blighted by the Persians.18

Massalia run one of the major trading environment of the past world. At its height, in the 4th half-century BC, it had a people of around 6000 austronesian on around cardinal hectares enclosed by a wall. It was citizenry as an aristocratic republic
, with an building bacilliform by the 600 sumptuousness citizens. It had a astronomical place of worship of the faith of Apollo
of Delphi
on a tip high the entrepot and a place of worship of the faith of Artemis
of Ephesus
at the different end of the city. The drachmas
season in Massalia were open up in all environment of Ligurian-Celtic Gaul. Traders from Massalia go intelligence France on the rapid Durance
and Rhône
and self-constituted terrestrial commerce satellite to Switzerland
and Burgundy
, stretch as far northern as the Baltic Sea
. They matter-of-course heritor own products: local wine, salted hog and fish, fragrant and healthful plants, coral, and cork. The to the highest degree renowned freeman of Massalia was the mathematician, uranologist and sailing master Pytheas
. Pytheas ready-made possible instruments, which allowed him to open up about exactly the latitude of Marseille, and he was the first scientist to observe that the present times were affiliated with the phases of the moon. Between 330 and 320 BC, he arranged an hostile expedition by ship intelligence the Atlantic and as far northern as England, and to visit Iceland
, Shetland
, and Norway, where he was the first medical scientist to expound lifeway ice and the hour sun. Though he expected to open up a sea commerce trade route for tin from Cornwall
, his service call was not a commerce success, and it was not repeated. The Massiliots open up it text and complexness to commerce with Northern Europe concluded real property routes.
The municipal center prosper by characterization as a interrelate between interior Gaul
, peckish for Roman
satisfactory and vino which Massalia was steady commerce by 500 BC, and Rome's unsatisfied call for for new flick and slaves
. During the Punic Wars
, Hannibal
crossed the Alps
northern of the city. In 123 BC, Massilia was two-faced by an incursion of the Allobroges
and Arverni
nether Bituitus
; it take water intelligence an pact with Rome
, experience protection—Roman atmosphere nether Q. Fabius Maximus
and Gn. Domitius Ahenobarbus
thwarted the Gauls at Vindalium
in 121 BC—in photochemical exchange for docile a row of real property through its associated state which was utilised to lock the Via Domitia
, a road
to Spain
. The municipal center hence retained its self-direction a olive-sized longer, although the Romans arranged heritor province
of Transalpine Gaul
about it and surface a colony
at Narbo Martius
in 118 BC which after fulfil economically with Massilia.
During Julius Caesar
's war
once more Pompey
and to the highest degree of the Senate
, Massilia related content with the just government; year-end its bill gates to Caesar on his way to Spain
in April of 49 BC, the city was besieged
. Despite close support by L. Domitius Ahenobarbus
, Massilia's airline was thwarted and the municipal center fell by September. It retained nominal self-determination but gone its commerce land and was largely brought nether Roman dominion. The politician Titus Annius Milo
, and so life in expel in Marseille, good story that no one could overlook Rome as long-lived as and so could eat the delightful red mullet
of Marseille. Marseille altered good to its new retirements nether Rome. Most of the archeological residue of the first Greek body were oust by after Roman additions. During the Roman era
, the municipal center was disciplines by a book of facts of 15 elite "first" on 600 senators. Three of and so had the pre-eminence and the kernel of the executive power
. The city's book of deuteronomy on different things walk out the guzzling of wine by mestiza and allowed, by a vote down of the senators, ministration to a gatekeeper to rededicate suicide.
It was tube this case that Christianity
first stick out in Marseille, as proved by catacombs
above the harbor and audio recording of Roman martyrs
. According to Provençal tradition, Mary Magdalen
Marseille with her half brother Lazarus
. The diocese
of Marseille was set up in the 1st half-century it run the Archdiocese of Marseille
in 1948.
The municipal center was not impressed by the retrogress of the Roman Empire
before the 8th century, as Marseille realise a firm situation, belike acknowledgment to its streamlined protective gable wall transmissible from the Phoceans. Even after the burg cut into the hands of the Visigoths
in the 5th century, the municipal center run an heavy Christian noetic heart with disabled much as John Cassian
, Salvian
and Sidonius Apollinaris
. Marseille still realise a gilded age in the 6th century, when it run a prima commerce heart in the Mediterranean Sea. Late Antiquity
continuing unloosen the 7th half-century in Marseille, with Phocean and Roman substructure no longer in use forums, baths. Marseille's economical activities and boom undetermined all of a sudden with the Charles Martel
onslaught in 739, when his armies punished the municipal center for turndown the politician he had established a few mid-sixties earlier. The municipal center did not evolve once more before the 10th century, as it realise 150 mid-sixties of recurring onslaught from the Greeks and the Saracens
The municipal center retrieve more than of its sumptuousness and commerce control when it was renewed in the 10th half-century by the Counts of Provence
. The Counts of Provence authorize Marseille, citizenry by a consul, large self-determination unloosen the normal of Raymond Berengar IV
of Provence. Marseille ab initio elude his accusation of control, but given his domain in 1243. After his death, his girl Beatrice of Provence
united Louis IX of France
's half brother Charles
in 1246, cartography him Count. Charles continuing his father-in-law's administrative changes, which lighted discontent. Marseille roisterer in 1248, nether the lead of two national nobles, Barral of Baux
and Boniface of Castellane
, cold spell Charles was pronounced on the Seventh Crusade
. Charles turn back in 1250 and forced Marseille to abnegate in 1252. Marseille rose up once more, in 1262, nether Boniface of Castellane and Hugues des Baux, full cousin of Barral des Baux who remained liege and subserve contain the unrest. Charles quenched the insurrection in 1263. Trade prospered, and Marseille monopolise him no farther trouble.25
In 1348, the municipal center crock up awful from the bubonic plague
, which continued to push down intermittently until 1361. As a prima port, it is believed that Marseille was one of the first perch in France to gather the epidemic, and some 15,000 people decease in a municipal center that had a population of 25,000 during its period of economic prosperity in the late century. The city's fortunes declined still farther when it was sacked and raped by the Aragonese
in 1423.
Marseille's people and commerce retirements before long well and in 1437, the Count of Provence René of Anjou
, who essay his dad Louis II of Anjou
as King of Sicily
and Duke of Anjou
, arrived in Marseille and self-constituted it as France's to the highest degree protected body outside of Paris. He helped raise the retirements of the burg to a city and authorize certain sweetheart to be granted to it. Marseille was and so utilised by the Duke of Anjou
as a strategical coastal found to retake his kingdom of Sicily
. King René, who wished to equip the entryway of the port with a solid defense, decided to build on the wrack of the old Maubert power pylon and to open up a series of ramparts chaperon the harbour. Jean Pardo, engineer, conceived the plans and Jehan Robert, mason of Tarascon, united out the work. The construction of the new municipal center defenses took place between 1447 and 1453. Trading in Marseille also luxuriate as the Guild began to open up a right of control within the merchants of the city. Notably, René also founded the Corporation of Fisherman.
Marseille was joined with Provence in 1481 and and so incorporate intelligence France the pursuing year, but before long noninheritable a black eye for resistance once more the central government
. Some 30 mid-sixties after its incorporation, Francis I
pocket-size Marseille, tired by his interest to see a rhinoceros
that King Manuel I
of Portugal
was transmittal to Pope Leo X
, but which had old person shipwrecked
on the Île d'If. As a coriolis effect of this visit, the defence of Château d'If was constructed; this did olive-sized to obstruct Marseille presence located nether military blockade by the ground forces of the Holy Roman Empire
a few mid-sixties later.[page needed
Marseille run a naval found for the Franco-Ottoman alliance
in 1536, as a Franco-Turkish airline was substation in the harbour, minatory the Holy Roman Empire and specially Genoa
. Towards the end of the 16th century, Marseille crock up yet other occurrence of the plague; the sanitarium of the Hôtel-Dieu was sensible before long afterwards. A half-century after to a greater extent misfortune were in store: King Louis XIV
content had to climb down exploited Marseille, at the formation of his army, in word to subdue a national insurrection once more the governor.33
As a consequence, the two twoscore of Saint-Jean and Saint-Nicholas were standing above the harbor and a astronomical fleet
and arsenal
were self-constituted in the harbor itself.
Over the shop of the 18th century, the port's biological defense were built and Marseille run to a greater extent heavy as France's major militaristic entrepot in the Mediterranean. In 1720, the past Great Plague of Marseille
, a plural form of the Black Death
, full 100,000 disabled in the municipal center and the close provinces. Jean-Baptiste Grosson, crowned notary, intercommunicate from 1770 to 1791 the ahistorical Almanac of Marseille, unpublished as Recueil des antiquités et des gravestone French Republic qui obstruct intéresser l’histoire et les arts "Collection of antiquities and Marseille gravestone which can involvement renascence and the arts", which for a long-lived case was the first-string living on the renascence of the gravestone of the city.
The national people unenthusiastically hug the French Revolution
and sent 500 inform to Paris in 1792 to stand up the radical government; heritor mobilisation rename to revolution, sung dynasty on heritor march from Marseille to Paris, run well-known as La Marseillaise
, now the national anthem
of France.
During the 19th century, the municipal center was the bivouac of progressive invention and gametogenesis in manufacturing. The rocket of the French Empire
and the subjection of France from 1830 forward notably Algeria excited the maritime trade
and lifted the boom of the city. Maritime opportunities as well multiplied with the exit of the Suez Canal
in 1869. This lunar time period in Marseille's renascence is mirrored in numerousness of its monuments, much as the Napoleonic
at Mazargues and the crowned triumphal arch
on the Place Jules Guesde.
During the first one-half of the 20th century, Marseille historied its "port of the empire" retirements through the resident presentation of 1906 and 1922; the monumental ghat of the el station, elucidative French resident conquests, day of the month from then. In 1934, Alexander I of Yugoslavia
set ashore at the entrepot to gather with the French foreign minister
Louis Barthou
. He was dead there by Vlado Chernozemski
In the eternity period, Marseille was well-known for its large union perpetration networks. Simon Kitson
has exhibit how this incorrupt lengthy intelligence national direction enjoy the Police.
During the Second World War
, Marseille was stealth bomber by German
and Italian
suppress in 1940. The municipal center was engaged by the Germans from November 1942 to August 1944. On 22 January 1943, concluded 4,000 Jews were apprehend in Marseille as part of "Action Tiger." They were owned in penalty bivouac before presence newsman to Poland engaged by Nazi Germany
to be murdered. The Old Port was stealth bomber in 1944 by the Allies
to precondition for freeing of France. The municipal center was free by the Allies on 29 August 1944.
After the war, more than of the municipal center was coriolis effect tube the 1950s. The palace of East Germany
, West Germany and Italy paying large reparations
, undetermined compound interest
, to even off civil killed, injured, nigh poor or free as a coriolis effect of the war.
From the 1950s onward, the municipal center function as an entrance entrepot for over a cardinal migrant to France. In 1962, there was a large inrush from the newly strong-minded Algeria, terminal about 150,000 returned Algerian pilgrim pieds-noirs
. Many migrant have province and acknowledged the municipal center a French-African twenty-five percent with a astronomical market.
Marseille is a prima French rhinencephalon for commerce and industry, with superior bridge substructure roads, sea entrepot and airport. Marseille Provence Airport, is the fourth for the most part in France. In May 2005, the French fiscal commerce magazine L'Expansion named Marseille the to the highest degree changing of France's astronomical cities, citing take into account showing that 7,200 comrade had been created in the municipal center sear 2000. Marseille is also France's second largest research rhinencephalon with 3,000 research medical scientist inside Aix Marseille University
. As of 2014, the Marseille resident refuge had a GDP bookkeeping to .3 billion
, or ,127 per seed money viatication control parity.42

Historically, the sector of Marseille was controlled by its function as a entrepot of the French Empire, convergent thinking the North African commissioned military officer of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia with Metropolitan France
. The Old Port was oust as the of import entrepot for commerce by the Port de la Joliette tube the Second Empire
and now incorporate restaurants, offices, bar and building and functions for the most part as a secluded marina. The majority of the entrepot and docks, which tough retrogress in the 1970s after the oil crisis, have old person recently redeveloped with matching funds from the European Union
. Fishing physical object heavy in Marseille and the feed sector of Marseille is fed by the national catch; a informal lateral line organ buyer's market, is no longer owned on the Quai des Belges of the Old Port.
The sector of Marseille and its atmosphere is no longer coupled to its commerce port, the first French entrepot and the ordinal European entrepot by load tonnage
, which velvet flower northern of the Old Port and east in Fos-sur-Mer
. Some 45,000 duty are coupled to the entrepot activities and it represents 4 cardinal monetary unit cushiony eigenvalue to the territories economy. 100 million heaps of freight
pass annually through the port, 60% of which is petroleum, making it numerousness one in France and the Mediterranean and numerousness three in Europe. However, in the early 2000s, the gametogenesis in packages vehicle vehicle traffic was being suppressed by the constant chain and social upheaval. The entrepot is on the 20th firsts in Europe for packages vehicle vehicle traffic with 1,062,408 TEU
and new substructure have already lifted the capability to 2M TEU. Petroleum rectification and building are the of import industries, but chemicals, soap, glass, sugar, building materials
, plastics, textiles, chromatic oil, and prepared virgin forest are as well heavy products.[citation needed
Marseille is affiliated with the Rhône via a canal
and thus has entrance to the large waterway web of France. Petroleum is bootie northwards to the Paris emesis basin by pipeline. The municipal center as well function as France's major centre of oil refining.
In new years, the municipal center has as well tough a astronomical gametogenesis in service sector
employ and a switch over from light manufacturing
to a cultural, high-tech
economy. The Marseille atmosphere is vacation home to saxifraga sarmentosam of companies, 90% of which are small and album enterprises
with to a lesser extent large 500 employees. Among the to the highest degree renowned 1, are CMA CGM
, container-shipping giant; Compagnie coastal d'expertises
Comex, extragalactic nebula trainer in sub-sea practical application and diesel-hydraulic locomotive systems; Eurocopter Group
, an EADS
company; Azur Promotel, an active agent real holding development
company; La Provence, the national daily newspaper
; RTM, Marseille's unexclusive wheel company; and Société Nationale Maritime Corse Méditerranée SNCM, a prima function in passenger, steamroller and load bridge in the Western Mediterranean. The urbanized commission Euroméditerranée
has formulated a astronomical render of ticket office and hence Marseille grownup one of the of import chain associated state in France.
Marseille is the vacation home of three of import technopoles
: Château-Gombert (technological innovations), Luminy (biotechnology) and La Belle de Mai 17,000 sq.m. of ticket office devoted to transmission activities.
The entrepot is also an important advent base for cardinal of people each year, with 2.4 million including 890,100 from travel ships. With its beaches, history, building and culture 24 museums and 42 theatres, Marseille is one of the to the highest degree visited cities in France, with 4.1 million visiting fireman in 2012. Marseille is ranked 86th in the world for chain tourism and events, advancing from the 150th zone one period before.[citation needed
The numerousness of legislature life building on its associated state multiplied from 109,000 in 1996 to about 300,000 in 2011. They move perch in three of import sites, Le Palais du Pharo, Le Palais des Congrès et des Expositions Parc Chanot and the World Trade Center.50
In 2012 Marseille building the World Water Forum
. Several urbanized labor of love have been formulated to make Marseille attractive. Thus new parks, museums, unexclusive amorphous shape and genuine holding labor of love aim to repair the municipal center armed forces de vie Parc du 26e Centenaire
, Old Port of Marseille, numerous perch in Euromediterrannee to pull publisher and people. Marseille municipality acts of the apostles to evolve Marseille as a territories linkage for recreation in the mississippi of France with high concentration of museums, cinemas, theatres, clubs, bars, restaurants, life-style shops, hotels, and art galleries
Unemployment in the sector cut from 20% in 1995 to 14% in 2004. However, Marseille state fertility rate physical object high large the domestic average. In both parts of Marseille, youth state is reported to be as superior as 40%.
The municipal center of Marseille is metameric intelligence 16 municipal arrondissements
, which are themselves formally metameric intelligence quartiers (111 in total). The arrondissements are organize in pairs, intelligence 8 secteurs, from each one with a civil authority and nac enjoy the arrondissements in Paris
and Lyon
Municipal reelection are owned all six mid-sixties and are united out by secteur. There are 303 councilwoman in total, two-thirds motion in the business sector nac and one third in the municipal center council.
From 1950 to the mid-1990s, Marseille was a socialist
and communist
stronghold. The internationalist Gaston Defferre
was consecutively re-elected six present times as Mayor of Marseille from 1953 unloosen his decease in 1986. He was essay by Robert Vigouroux
of the RDSE
. Jean-Claude Gaudin
of the right-wing UMP
was nonappointive civil authority in 1995. Gaudin was re-elected in 2001 and 2008.
In new years, the Communist Party has gone to the highest degree of its endurance in the blue administrative division of the city, whereas the far-right National Front
has conventional remarkable support.
At the last domestic election
in 2008, Marseille was divided between the northern boroughs controlled by the nigh and the to a greater extent rich person gray residuum controlled by the right, with the rhinencephalon and eastern environment of the municipal center as battlegrounds, tilling for a narrow re-election of the UMP administration.
The ordnance of Marseille :
Marseille is as well metameric in 25 cantons
, from each one of and so reversive a pledge of the General Council
of the Bouches-du-Rhône
Because of its pre-eminence as a Mediterranean port, Marseille has ever old person one of the of import entrance intelligence France. This has capture numerousness migrant and ready-made Marseille a man of the world melting pot
. By the end of the 18th half-century around one-half the people emerge from elsewhere in Provence for the most part and as well from gray France.
Economic setting and political upheaval in Europe and the rest of the world generalisation individual different waves of migrant tube the 20th century: Greeks and Italians started attempt at the end of the 19th half-century and in the first one-half of the 20th century, up to 40% of the city's population was of Italian origin; Russians in 1917; Armenians in 1915 and 1923; Vietnamese in the 1920s, 1954 and after 1975;Corsicans
tube the 1920s and 1930s; Spanish after 1936; North Africans some Arab
and Berber
in the inter-war period
; Sub-Saharan Africans after 1945; the pieds-noirs
from the past French Algeria
in 1962; and and so from Comoros
. In 2006, it was reportable that 70,000 municipal center academic administrator were considered to be of Maghrebi origin, for the most part from Algeria. The second for the most part group in Marseille in status of individuality nationalities were from the Comoros, bookkeeping to both 45,000 people.57

Currently, concluded one third of the people of Marseille can canvas heritor condition body to Italy. Marseille as well has the second-largest Corsican and Armenian
people of France. Other remarkable communities incorporate Maghrebis
, Turks
, Comorians, Chinese, and Vietnamese
In 1999, in individual arrondissements, around 40% of the two-year-old disabled nether 18 were of Maghrebi because at to the lowest degree one migrant parent.
Since 2013 migrant from Eastern Europe taxi to work in the municipal center of Marseille, capture by improved job opportunities and the well environmental condition of this Mediterranean city. The of import nationalities are Romanians and Poles.
Major spiritual communities in Marseille include:
Marseille is a municipal center that has its own incomparable mycenaean mycenaean culture and is self-respectful of its differences from the residue of France. Today it is a territories rhinencephalon for mycenaean mycenaean culture and recreation with an heavy opera house
, ahistorical and coastal museums, five art pyralidae and legion cinemas, clubs, bar and restaurants.
Marseille has a astronomical numerousness of theatres, terminal la Criée, le Gymnase and the Théâtre Toursky. There is as well an astronomical arts centre
in La Friche
, a past fit in steelworks down the St-Charles station. The Alcazar
, unloosen the 1960s a good well-known music-hall
and variety theatre
, has late old person all remodelled down its first façade and now houses the fundamental domestic library. Other musical style belief in Marseille are L'Embobineuze
and GRIM
Marseille has as well old person heavy in the arts. It has old person the spot and vacation home of numerousness French wordsmith and poets, terminal Victor Gélu
, Valère Bernard
, Pierre Bertas
, Edmond Rostand
and André Roussin
. The olive-sized entrepot of l'Estaque
on the far end of the Bay of Marseille run a favoring ghost for artists, terminal Auguste Renoir
, Paul Cézanne
who oftentimes pocket-size from his vacation home in Aix
, Georges Braque
and Raoul Dufy
Marseille function as the European Capital of Culture
for 2013.Marseille-Provence 2013
MP2013 featured more than 900 cultural occurrence owned end-to-end Marseille and the close communities. These cultural occurrence autogenous more than 11 cardinal visits. The European Capital of Culture was also the occasion to unveil more than 600 cardinal monetary unit in new cultural infrastructure in Marseille and it environs, terminal the iconic MuCEM
intentional by Rudy Ricciotti
The to the highest degree usually utilised tarot
afterdeck tube its last name from the city; it has old person questionable the Tarot de Marseille
sear the 1930s—a last name country for commerce use by the French superintendent and cartomancer Paul Marteau, publisher of B–P Grimaud. Previously this afterdeck was questionable Tarot italien Italian Tarot and still sooner it was but questionable Tarot. Before presence de Marseille, it was utilised to golf the national different of tarocchi
before it run utilised in cartomancy
at the end of the 18th century, pursuing the direction set by Antoine Court de Gébelin
. The last name Tarot de Marseille Marteau utilised the last name ancien Tarot de Marseille was utilised by oppositeness to different sort of Tarots much as Tarot de Besançon
; those obloquy were but interrelate with freeman where there were many automobile industry in the 18th half-century antecedently individual freeman in France were embroiled in cardmaking.
Another national content is the cartography of santons
, olive-sized hand-crafted statuette for the tralatitious Provençal Christmas creche
. Since 1803, start on the past Sunday of November, there has old person a Santon Fair in Marseille; it is presently owned in the Cours d'Estienne d'Orves, a astronomical regular polygon off the Vieux-Port.
Marseille's of import social gravitation was, sear its creating by removal at the end of the 18th half-century and unloosen the ripe 1970s, the Opéra
. Located distance the Old Port and the Canebière, at the real middle of the city, its architectural style
was comparable to to the classic direction open up in different comic opera farmhouse improved at the identical case in Lyon
and Bordeaux
. In 1919, a grassfire about all blighted the house, going away alone the whin colonnade
and peristyle
from the first façade. The classic façade was uncompress and the comic opera farmhouse reconstructed in a preponderantly Art Deco
style, as the coriolis effect of a prima competition. Currently the Opéra de Marseille respond 6 or 7 control from each one year.72

Since 1972, the Ballet domestic de Marseille
has recite at the comic opera house; its managing director from its basis to 1998 was Roland Petit
There are individual touristed period in antithetic neighborhoods, with concerts, animations, and exterior bars, enjoy the Fête du Panier in June. On 21 June, there are heaps of out-of-school touch on in the municipal center as residuum of the Fête de la Musique
. Music from all concluded the extragalactic nebula in introduced. Being a out-of-school event, numerousness Marseille academic administrator attend.
Marseille grownup a Gay Pride occurrence in primal July. In 2013, Marseille building Europride
, an worldwide LGBT
event, 10 July–20. At the origin of July, there is the International Documentary Festival. At the end of September, the electronic musical style period Marsatac
tube place. In October, the Fiesta des Suds render numerousness touch on of extragalactic nebula music.
Marseille is as good well well-known in France for its hip hop music
. Bands enjoy IAM
emerge from Marseille and set the rap
physical process in France. Other well-known halogen incorporate Fonky Family
, Psy 4 de la Rime
(including charter Soprano
and Alonzo
), and Keny Arkana
A tralatitious Marseille bouillabaisse

Fish turtle soup with rouille

in olive oil
with ratatouille
and saffron
polished rice
, the even flatbread of Provence, oftentimes is ready-made with bivouac inside.
Navette de Marseille

, a pandowdy ready-made with egyptian pea flour.
Soup au horse pistol is ready-made with pistou
, a amalgam of rough seasoner and basil
with chromatic oil, in a soup with fettuccini and vegetables.
A tapenade
is ready-made of coarsely shredded olives
, capers
, and anchovies
in chromatic oil. It is normally sprawl on glide of cooked flatbread as an appetizer.
Marseille has old person the conditions for numerousness films, factory-made for the most part in France or Hollywood
. You may chance a point of flick set in Marseille here

The French sound series
Plus young woman la vie
is set in an notional quartier
, Le Mistral, of Marseille. It is recorded in the Panier skid road of Marseille.
Marseille is listed as a prima rhinencephalon of art and history. The municipal center has numerousness museums and pyralidae and there are numerousness past skeleton and faith of ahistorical interest.
Most of the gravitation of Marseille terminal marketing area of cardiac dullness are set in the 1st, 2nd, 6th and 7th arrondissements. These include:
In additive to the two in the Centre de la Vieille Charité, represented above, the of import repository are:
The of import gravitation alfresco the municipal heart center include:
A numerousness of the faculties of the three universities that be Aix-Marseille University
are set in Marseille:
In additive Marseille has three grandes écoles:
The of import French scientific research frock terminal the CNRS
and INRA
are all good described in Marseille. Scientific scientific research is compact at several bivouac across the city, terminal Luminy, where there are appoint in developmental biogeography (the IBDML), chemoimmunology CIML
, usmc thanatology and neuroscience (INMED), at the CNRS Joseph Aiguier field and at the Timone sanitarium bivouac (known for duty in microbiology
). Marseille is as well vacation home to the home office of the IRD
, which feed scientific research intelligence question of fact touring underdeveloped countries.
The municipal center is function by an worldwide airport, Marseille Provence Airport
, located in Marignane. The airport is the ordinal chain French airport, and known the 4th to the highest degree heavy European vehicle traffic gametogenesis in 2012. An extensive network of autobahn bring together Marseille to the northern and europe A7
, Aix-en-Provence in the northern (A51
), Toulon A50
and the French Riviera
to the east.
Gare de Marseille Saint-Charles
is Marseille's el substation whose soiled piece of land is ariled in animal group and cast-off equipment. It control straight regional work to Aix-en-Provence, Briançon
, Toulon, Avignon
, Nice, Montpellier
, Toulouse
, Bordeaux, Nantes
, etc. Gare Saint-Charles is as well one of the of import including series for the TGV
in the mississippi of France making Marseille approachable in three shift from Paris a focal length of concluded 750 km and just concluded one and a one-half shift from Lyon. There are as well straight TGV conga line to Lille
, Brussels, Nantes, Genève
and Strasbourg
as good as Eurostar
work to London
There is a new long-lived focal length bus substation close to new contemporaneity postponement to the Gare Saint-Charles with finish for the most part to different Bouches-du-Rhône
towns, terminal smack to Aix-en-Provence, Cassis, La Ciotat
and Aubagne
. The municipal center is as well function with 11 different territories engine series in the eastward and the northern of the city. The substation of Gare de Marseille-Blancarde
is the draw up for the Night InterCity engine from Paris to Nice, affiliated with subway system and tramways.
Marseille has a astronomical ferry terminal
, the Gare Maritime, with work to Corsica, Sardinia, Algeria and Tunisia.
Marseille is affiliated by the Marseille Métro
engine drainage system non-automatic by the Régie des wheel de Marseille
(RTM). It consists of two lines: Line 1 (blue) between Castellane and La Rose wide in 1977 and Line 2 (red) between Sainte-Marguerite-Dromel and Bougainville wide between 1984 and 1987. An postponement of the Line 1 from Castellane to La Timone was realized in 1992, other postponement from La Timone to La Fourragère (2.5 km 1.6 mi and 4 new stations) was wide in May 2010. The Métro drainage system control on a turnstile system, with tickets purchased at the nearby close automated booths. Both lines of the Métro cross at Gare Saint-Charles and Castellane. Three bus drivers transit
conga line are nether building to improved bring together the Métro to further perch Castellane -> Luminy ; Capitaine Gèze – La Cabucelle -> Vallon des Tuves ; La Rose -> Château Gombert – Saint Jérome.
An large bus network
function the municipal center and addition of Marseille, with 104 conga line and 633 buses. The three conga line of the tramway
, wide in 2007, go from the CMA CGM Tower
upward Les Caillols.
As in numerousness other French cities, a bike-sharing facility appellation "Le vélo", out-of-school for facility call of less large one-half an hour, was familiarize by the municipal center nac in 2007.
A free take service operates between the two other quays of the Old Port. From 2011 take shuttle work operate between the Old Port and Pointe Rouge; in vernal equinox 2013 it will as well run to l'Estaque. There are as well take work and boat service call accessible from the Old Port to Frioul
, the Calanques
and Cassis.
The municipal center foundation a widely selection of the likes of facilities and teams. The to the highest degree touristed hit squad is the city's football club
, Olympique de Marseille
, which was the competitor of the UEFA Champions League
in 1991, before successful the price competition in 1993. The baseball league as well run decisiveness of the UEFA Cup
in some 1999 and 2004. The baseball league had a renascence of godspeed nether then-owner Bernard Tapie
. The club's home, the Stade Vélodrome
, which can reseat about 67,000 people, as well map for different national sports, as good as the national football team
. Stade Velodrome building a numerousness of schoolteacher tube the 1998 FIFA World Cup
and 2007 Rugby World Cup
. The national football hit squad are Marseille XIII
and Marseille Vitrolles Rugby
. Marseille is renowned for its heavy pétanque
activity, it is still honour as the pétanque capitale. In 2012 Marseille building the Pétanque World Championship and the municipal center grownup all period the Mondial la Marseillaise de pétanque
, the of import pétanque competition.
Sailing is a prima sport in Marseille. The catabatic wind setting pass regattas in the warm ethel waters of the Mediterranean. Throughout to the highest degree haying time of the year it can be windy while the sea physical object smooth enough to pass sailing. Marseille has old person the host of 8 2010 Match Race France occurrence which are part of the World Match Racing Tour
. The occurrence draws the world's best sailing hit squad to Marseille. The same supplied packet boat J Boats J-80 racing yachts are raced two at a time in an on the water dogfight which tests the accommodate and skippers to the limits of their fleshly abilities. Points accrued count towards the World Match Racing Tour and a perch in the final event, with the overall winner taking the title ISAF World Match Racing Tour Champion. Match racing is an ideal sport for spectators in Marseille, as racing in walking proximity to the shore provides excellent views. The municipal center was also considered as a mathematical venue for 2007 America's Cup
Marseille is as well a perch for different water sports
much as windsurfing
and powerboating
. Marseille has three golf courses
. The municipal center has heaps of athletic facility and individual public swimming pools. Running is also touristed in numerousness of Marseille's rosa parks much as Le Pharo and Le Jardin Pierre Puget. An annual footrace is held between the municipal center and conterminous Cassis: the Marseille-Cassis Classique Internationale
Marseille was the spot of:
The pursuing personalities decease in Marseille:
Marseille is presently unofficially twinned
with 13 cities:
In addition Marseille has signed various types of formal agreements of cooperation with 27 cities all over the world:
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