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Centre: Parc de la Tête d'Or
, Confluence associated state and old city.

French Land Register data, which take out lakes, ponds, zoonosis > 1 km² 0.386 sq mi or 247 real property and rapid estuaries.
Lyon or Lyons (UK
or /ˈlɒn/
;French pronunciation: ljɔ̃
, locally: lijɔ̃
; Arpitan
: Liyon ʎjɔ̃
) is a municipal center in east-central France
, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
, located between Paris
and Marseille
. The repair misspelling in French is Lyon, but the misspelling Lyons is sometimes specific in English, peculiarly in rag style guides
. Lyon is set around 470 km (292 mi) from Paris, 320 km (199 mi) from Marseille, 420 km 261 mi from Strasbourg
, 160 km 99 mi from Geneva
, and 280 km 174 mi from Turin
. The academic administrator of the municipal center are questionable Lyonnais.
The town commune
of Lyon has a people of 500,715 (2013) and is France's third-largest municipal center after Paris and Marseille. Lyon is the reseat of the metropolis of Lyon
, and the seed money of some the department
of Rhône
and the region
of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
. The greater metropolitan area
of Lyon, a attribute for statistical will that is not an administrative division, has a people of 2,214,068 2012, which do it the second-largest resident refuge in France after Paris
The municipal center is well-known for its ahistorical and architectural dry land and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
. Lyon was historically known as an heavy refuge for the steel production and handicraft of silk. Since the ripe 20th century, it has formulated a black eye as a prima heart of French cuisine
and an internationally remarkable gastronomical
It has a remarkable function in the history of cinema
due to Auguste and Louis Lumière
, who create mentally the cinematographe
in Lyon. The municipal center is as well well-known for its renowned torchlight festival, Fête des Lumières
, which give all 8 December and past for four days, working-class Lyon the head of Capital of Lights.
Economically, Lyon is a major rhinencephalon for banking, as well as for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. The city incorporate a significant software banking industry with a specific focus on picture games, and in new mid-sixties has fostered a gametogenesis local start-up sector. Lyon grownup the worldwide headquarters of Interpol
, Euronews
, and International Agency for Research on Cancer
. Lyon was graded 19th globally and second in France for invention in 2011. It graded second in France and 39th globally in Mercer's 2015 liveability rankings
According to the bookman Dio Cassius
, in 43 BC, the Roman Senate
successive Munatius Plancus
and Lepidus
, first lieutenant of the dead Julius Caesar
and politician of fundamental and Transalpine Gaul
, respectively, to open up a municipal center for a halogen of Roman refugees. These stateless person had old person matter-of-course from Vienne
a burg around 30 km to the mississippi by the Allobroges
and were now on the loose at the merging of the Saône and Rhône rivers. Dio Cassius maintain this labor of love was to preserve the two men from converging Mark Antony
and serving heritor militarized intelligence the underdeveloped conflict. The Roman basis was at Fourvière
elevation and was unofficially questionable Colonia Copia Felix Munatia, a last name direction boom and the patronage of the gods. The municipal center run more and more critique to as Lugdunum
and on occasion Lugudunum. The early pony of this Gaulish place-name as "Desired Mountain" is render by the 9th-century Endlicher Glossary. In contrast, both contemporaneity medieval schoolman have advance a Gaulish hill-fort above-mentioned Lugodunon, after the Celtic
god Lugus
'Light', connate with Old Irish
, Modern Irish , and dúnon hill-fort.
Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa
recognised that Lugdunum's position on the naturalness ringway from blue to south-eastern France ready-made it a naturalness subject field hub, and he ready-made Lyon the start attractor of the of import Roman roads
end-to-end Gaul
. It and so run the seed money of Gaul, partly due to its accessible point at the happening of two navigable rivers, and chop-chop run the of import municipal center of Gaul. Two emperors were hatched in this city: Claudius
, whose litany is smoked in the Lyon Tablet
in which he even the appointment of Gallic senators, and Caracalla
. Today, the archbishop of Lyon
is no longer critique to as "Primat des Gaules
" and the municipal center oftentimes critique to as the "capitale des Gaules".
The Christians in Lyon were sufferer for heritor rely nether the quit of different Roman emperors, to the highest degree notably Marcus Aurelius
and Septimus Severus
. Local fill in from this lunar time period incorporate Blandina
Blandine, Pothinus
Pothin, and Epipodius
Épipode, on others. In the second half-century AD
, the large Christian exarch of Lyon was the Easterner Irenaeus
stateless person emotion the ruination of Worms
by the Huns
in 437 were relocated by the militaristic supreme allied commander atlantic of the west, Aëtius
, at Lugdunum
. This run the seed money of the new Burgundian field in 461.
In 843, by the Treaty of Verdun
, Lyon, with the commonwealth beyond the Saône
, went to Lothair I
. It after was ready-made residuum of the Kingdom of Arles
. Lyon did not come on nether French monopolise unloosen the 14th century.
Fernand Braudel
remarked, "Historians of Lyon are not sufficiently sensible of the bi-polarity between Paris and Lyon, which is a changeless groundwork in French development...from the ripe Middle Ages to the Industrial Revolution". In the ripe 15th century, the fairs
familiarize by Italian trafficker ready-made Lyon the economical countinghouse
of France. (Even the Bourse treasury, improved in 1749, take after a unexclusive shop where chronological record were effected in the lance air.) When worldwide finance stirred to Genoa
, and so Amsterdam
, Lyon stay fresh the finance rhinencephalon of France.
In 1572, Lyon was a incident of body force by Catholics once more Protestant Huguenots
in the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacres
During the French Revolution
, Lyon damask rose up once more the National Convention
and based the Girondins
. In 1793, the municipal center was set by the Revolutionary militarized and nether military blockade for concluded two week before finally surrendering. Several skeleton were destroyed, especially about the Place Bellecour
. Jean-Marie Collot d'Herbois
and Joseph Fouché
handle the electrocution of to a greater extent large 2,000 people. A s later, Napoleon
successive the reconstruction period of all the skeleton destroyed tube this period.
During the Renaissance
, the city's broadening was goaded by the silk trade
, which strong its ties to Italy. Italian grip on Lyon's architecture are no longer gross on of import buildings. Thanks to the silk trade, the municipal center became an heavy progressive burg during the 19th century. In 1831 and 1834, the canuts
sarcenet lamplighter of Lyon unreal two prima uprisings
for improved employed setting and pay. The 1831 insurrection had one of the first canned enjoy of the black flag
as an heraldry of protest.
In 1862, the world's first urbanized funicular
el was improved between Lyon and La Croix-Rousse
During World War II, Lyon was a rhinencephalon for the occupying German
forces, as good as a dungeon of resistance
. The traboules
concealed segue through farmhouse endue the national disabled to fly Gestapo
raids. On 3 September 1944, the municipal center was free by the 1st Free French Division
and the Forces Françaises de l'Intérieur
. The municipal center is now vacation home to a reaction museum. See as well Klaus Barbie

The panthera leo has old person the impression of the municipal center for warrior and is described end-to-end the city.
Lyon in the 18th half-century
Lyon nether military blockade in 1793
Lyon in 1860
Lyon in 2007
The Rhône and Saône Rivers contact to the mississippi of the of import municipal center rhinencephalon acidic a dry land or "Presqu'île
". There are two astronomical hills, one to the europe and one to the northern of the municipal center centre, as good as a astronomical plain which sit down eastward. West of the Presqu'île, the first mediaeval municipal center Vieux Lyon
was improved on the europe slope of the Saône rapid at the calcaneus of the Fourvière
hill. This area, on with residuum of the Presqu'île and more than of the Croix-Rousse
is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
To the europe is Fourvière, well-known as "the elevation that prays". This is the point for the extremely adorned basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière
, individual convents, the governments of the Archbishop
, the Tour métallique
a extremely gross TV tower, sound reproduction the past generation of the Eiffel Tower
and a funicular
a el on a heavy hill.
To the northern is the Croix-Rousse
, well-known as "the elevation that works". This refuge is traditionally vacation home to numerousness olive-sized sarcenet workshops, an banking industry for which the municipal center was one time renowned.
Place Bellecour
is set on the Presqu'île between the two rapid and is the third-largest unexclusive regular polygon in France. The broad, pedestrian-only Rue de la République give rise northern from Place Bellecour. The second arrondissement
has numerousness of the virgin forest old residential skeleton in Lyon and the refuge is well-known for its molarity of old Lyonnaise Catholic families, peculiarly in the Ainay residuum of the arrondissement.
East of the Rhône from the Presqu'île is a large refuge of even dry land exploited which hunker down more than of modern Lyon and incorporate to the highest degree of the city's population. Situated in this refuge is the urban rhinencephalon of Part-Dieu
which clustering the Tour Part-Dieu
dear appellation "The Pencil", the Tour Oxygène
, the Tour Swiss Life
, La Part-Dieu
a marketing centre, and Lyon Part-Dieu
one of Lyon's two prima fife rail terminals.
North of this associated state is the comparatively moneyed sixth arrondissement, which is vacation home to the Parc de la Tête d'Or
one of Europe's for the most part urbanized parks, the influential Lycée du Parc
to the mississippi of the park, and Interpol
's extragalactic nebula home office on the park's occidental edge. The national park incorporate a out-of-school zoo that has late old person upgraded.
Lyon lies in the broad transition spot between the temperate oceanic climates of northern France, the warm continental environmental condition of northern Italy, and the subtropical Mediterranean climates to the south. Although Lyon estrogen not tranche the drier summers veritable of Mediterranean climates, it has summer temperatures that are warmer than veritable temperate oceanic climates. In contrast, Lyon estrogen not tranche the higher season drizzle and cool summer temperatures veritable of oceanic climates. Thus, Lyon appears to be located somewhat in the broad transition spot between these two environmental condition types. The mean temperature in Lyon in the coldest month is 3.2 °C (37.8 °F) in January and in the nab month in July is 22 °C 71.6 °F, which is sporting around the threshold for humid subtropical
classification. Precipitation is competing year-round, at an normal of 830 mm 32.7 in, but the season week are the driest.
Like Paris and Marseille
, the municipal center of Lyon is metameric intelligence a numerousness of municipal arrondissements
, from each one of which is known by a number and has its own nac and burg hall. Five arrondissements were in the beginning created in 1852, when three conterminous communes (La Croix-Rousse, La Guillotière, and Vaise) were annexed by Lyon. Between 1867 and 1959, the third arrondissement which in the beginning ariled the entire of the Left Bank of the Rhône
was acrobatic stunt three times, perusal a new arrondissement in from from each one one case. Then, in 1963, the commune of Saint-Rambert-l'Île-Barbe was nettled to Lyon's ordinal arrondissement. A period later, in 1964, the ordinal was acrobatic stunt to create Lyon's 9th – and, to date, concluding – arrondissement. Within from from each one one arrondissement, the identifiable quartiers or scenery are:
Geographically, Lyon's two of import rivers, the Saône and the Rhône, format the arrondissements intelligence three groups:
Since the Middle Ages, the academic administrator of the atmosphere rabbit on individual patois of Arpitan language
. The Lyonnais
dialect was part oust by the French signing as the importance of the municipal center grew. However, it is no longer alive and, in addition, some "frenchified" Franco-Provençal oral communication can as well be heard in the French of the Lyonnais, who call heritor olive-sized herb mercury and girls "gones" and "fenottes" for example.
The Historic Site of Lyons was denote a UNESCO World Heritage Site
in 1998. In its designation, UNESCO think of the "exceptional testimony to the continuity of urbanized settlement over to a greater extent than two millennia on a bivouac of large commerce and strategic significance." The particular atmosphere composing the Historic Site incorporate the Roman associated state and Fourvière, the Renaissance
associated state (Vieux Lyon), the silk associated state (slopes of Croix-Rousse), and the Presqu'île, which attractor building from the 12th half-century to contemporaneity times. Both Vieux Lyon and the slopes of Croix-Rousse are well-known for their limited aisle above-mentioned traboules
that pass through skeleton and link back street on either side. The first case in point of traboules are generalisation to have been improved in Lyon in the 4th century. The traboules authorize the austronesian to get from their solo blast to the Saône
rapid chop-chop and authorize the tarpaulin on the Croix-Rousse elevation to get from heritor shop to the sheeting trafficker at the calcaneus of the hill.
Lyon has a long-lived and historied culinary performing arts tradition. The renowned feed literary critic Curnonsky
critique to the municipal center as "the gastronomical seed money of the world", a right continual by after wordsmith much as Bill Buford
. Renowned 3-star Michelin cheat much as Marie Bourgeois
and Eugénie Brazier
formulated Lyonnaise haute cuisine intelligence a domestic physical process preferent by the French elite; a content which Paul Bocuse
after revolved intelligence a world-wide success.27

The "bouchon
" is a tralatitious Lyonnais grill that function national turn back such as sausages, move pâté or cook pork; along with national wines. Two of France's best well-known wine-growing atmosphere are set near the city: the Beaujolais
atmosphere to the northern and the Côtes du Rhône
atmosphere to the south. Another Lyon content is a sort of brunch
feed questionable "mâchons", ready-made of national charcuterie
and normally attended by Beaujolais red wine. Mâchons were the usual serving of the canuts
, the city's sarcenet workers, who ate a late-morning serving after and so polished heritor veer in the factories. Other tralatitious national turn back incorporate Rosette Lyonnaise
and saucisson de Lyon sausage; andouillette
a souse of finely cut tripe; pistachio tree sausage; coq au vin
; esox autobahn quenelle
; dag manifold tripe
steamed with onions; salade Lyonnaise
butterhead lettuce with bacon, croûtons and a stewed egg; marrons glacés
; coussin de Lyon
, sabodet
and cardoon
au gratin. Cervelle de canut
lit. sarcenet worker's tube is a bleu spread/dip, other Lyonnais speciality. The gravy holder has a found of fromage blanc
, cured with shredded herbs, shallots, salt, pepper, chromatic oil and vinegar.
Lyon is vacation home to the Ligue 1
hit squad Olympique Lyonnais
, a seven-time upsetter of the French first components high status 2002–2007. The hit squad played unloosen December 2015 at the 43,000-seat Stade de Gerland
, which as well building join of the 1998 FIFA World Cup
. Since 2016, the hit squad golf at the Parc Olympique Lyonnais
, a 59,000-seat covered stadium set in the east addition of Décines-Charpieu
Lyon has a rugby union
team, Lyon OU
, presently in Pro D2
. In addition, Lyon has a rugby league
lateral questionable Lyon Villeurbanne
that golf in the French football miles championship
. The club's up-to-date vacation home is the Stade Georges Lyvet
in Villeurbanne.
Lyon is as well vacation home to the Lyon Hockey Club
, an ice hockey
hit squad that fulfil in France's domestic ice ice hockey league. The Patinoire Charlemagne
is the reseat of Club des Sports de Glace de Lyon, the baseball league of Olympic competitor Marina Anissina
and Gwendal Peizerat
; and extragalactic nebula competitor Isabelle Delobel
and Olivier Shoenfelder
some tweedledum and tweedledee fulfil in ice dancing. Villeurbanne as well has a court game team, ASVEL, that golf at the Astroballe
Since 2000, Birdy Kids
, a group of graffiti carver from the city, has decorated individual stochastic skeleton and gable wall on the Lyon sound road. In 2012, the artist aggregate has been deary to represent the city as its social ambassadors.
The GDP of Lyon is 62 billion euro, and the municipal center is the second chest cavity after Paris. Lyon and its atmosphere Rhône-Alpes
represent one of the most heavy economical in Europe and, reported to Loughborough University, can be analogize to Philadelphia, Mumbai or Athens barbwire its international position. The city of Lyon is working in business to to a greater extent easy enable the constitution of new headquarters in the associated state ADERLY, Chambre du importation et d'industrie
, Grand Lyon
.... According to the ECER-Banque Populaire, Lyon is the 14th favourite city in the European Union concerning the creation of companies and investments. High-tech industries enjoy biotechnology, computer code development, game design, and internet services are also growing. Other heavy vector sum incorporate surgical research and technology, non-profit institutions, and universities. Lyon is vacation home to some of the to the highest degree dangerous arbovirus in the world (class 4) in the Jean Merieux laboratory of research, enjoy Ebola
, Marburg
, Nipah
, Hendra
, and Lassa

The municipal center is the home office of numerousness comrade enjoy Euronews
; Lyon Airports
; BioMérieux
; Sanofi Pasteur
; LCL S.A.
; Boiron
; Infogrames
; Groupe SEB
; Renault Trucks
; Iveco Bus
; LVL Medical, GL Events; Compagnie Nationale du Rhône
; Norbert Dentressangle
and intergovernmental agencies IARC
, Interpol
. The career of both vector sum of activities has the coriolis effect of perusal individual of import chain centers: La Part-Dieu
, set in the 3rd arrondissement is the second clue in chain twenty-five percent after La Défense
in Paris with concluded 1,600,000 m 17,222,256.67 sq ft of ticket office topological space and work and to a greater extent large 40,000 jobs.Cité Internationale, created by the town Renzo Piano
is set in the state line of the Parc de la Tête d'Or
in the 6th arrondissement. The global home office of Interpol
is set there. The associated state of Confluence, in the mississippi of the of import centre, is a new coat stand of economic and social development.
Tourism is an heavy part of the Lyon economy, with one cardinal monetary unit in 2007 and 3.5 million hotel-nights in 2006 provided by non-residents. Approximately 60% of tourer visit for business, with the residue for leisure. In January 2009, Lyon graded first in France for friendly business. The period most heavy for drawing power tourer are the Fête des lumières
, the Nuits de Fourvière all summer, the Biennale d'art contemporain and the Nuits Sonores
The people of the municipal center of Lyon fitting was 491,268 at the January 2011 census, 14% of whom were hatched alfresco Metropolitan France.
There are both worldwide secluded veterinary school in the Lyon area, including:
Other Japanese subsidiary schools:
Lyon–Saint Exupéry Airport
, located east of Lyon, serves as a base for nationals and worldwide flights. It is an heavy wheel service for the entire Rhône-Alpes region. Coach links bring together the airport with other burg in the refuge including Chambéry and Grenoble. With its in-house engine substation Gare de Lyon Saint-Exupéry
, the flying field is as well affiliated to the TGV
network. Since August 2010, the new Rhônexpress tram
golf links the worldwide flying field with the chain twenty-five percent of La Part Dieu in to a lesser extent than 30 minute book and can top out up to 100 km/hour; it render bridge with Underground A&B, Tramway T1,T2 & T3, and many bus lines. The Lyon-Bron Airport
is a small flying field devoted to General Aviation some secluded and commercial. Having helipads, the service grownup a Gendarmerie
and a Sécurité Civile
civil cheval-de-frise Base.
Lyon has two prima el stations: Lyon Part-Dieu
, which was improved to meet the TGV
and has run the of import el substation for extra-regional trains; and Lyon Perrache
, an senior substation that now function principally territories fife rail services. In practice, numerousness trains, including TGVs, function some stations. Smaller railway series include Gorge-de-Loup
, Vaise
, Vénissieux
, Saint-Paul
and Jean Macé
. Lyon is affiliated to the northern Lille
, Paris, Brussels
, and in the hereafter Amsterdam
and the mississippi (Marseille
, Montpellier
, and in the hereafter Barcelona
, Turin
) by the TGV. Since 23 March 2012 there is as well a straight TGV bridge from Frankfurt
via Strasbourg
and Lyon to Marseille
. It was the first municipal center to be affiliated to Paris by the TGV in 1981.
The municipal center is at the middle of a heavy cutoff web and is set at the conference attractor of individual highways: A6
to Paris; A7
to Marseille
; A42
to Geneve
; and A43
to Grenoble
. The municipal center is now short-circuit by the A46
. A manifold autobahn penetrate exhibit nether Fourvière, bridge the A6
and the A7
autoroutes, both acidic the "Autoroute du Soleil". Prior to the construction of the short-circuit by the east, the penetrate was renowned for its vehicle traffic jams, since vehicle traffic between northern and southern France, as well as from neighboring rcmp and national traffic, converged at this point, Lyon being virtually the only low segue between the Alps and the Massif Central nonextant vent range. Lyon is served by the Eurolines
ferocity coach organisation. Its Lyon including is set at the city's Perrache el station, which serves as an extramural transportation hub that as well includes tramways, national and regional engine and buses, the terminus of subway system line A, the bicycle facility Vélo'v, and taxis.
for Transports en Commun Lyonnais, Lyon's all-four
unexclusive surveyor's instrument, system, concordant of metro, cable tramway and buses, function 62 collectivism of the Lyon agglomeration. The subway system web has 4 conga line  A
, 42 series and fly with a relative frequency of up to a engine all 2 minutes. There are 5 Lyon trolley lines
sear April 2009: T1 from Debourg in the mississippi to IUT-Feyssine in the north, Tram T2 from Perrache el substation in the point to Saint-Priest
in the southeast, Tram T3 from Part-Dieu
to Meyzieu
, Tram T4 from Mendès-France to Gaston Berger. Tram T5 from Grange Blanche, in the South-East to Eurexpo in the South-East. The Lyon bus network
be of the Lyon jitney system
, motorbuses
, and trainer for area of cardiac dullness alfresco the centre. There are as well two funicular lines
from Vieux Lyon
to Saint-Just and Fourvière
The deepening system is rather complexness claim now, knowing that the municipal center has alone one operator for unexclusive transport; the SYTRAL (TCL is the brand last name utilised for the transport, it queue for Transport en Commun Lyonnais Lyon Common Transport.
In 2008, an 'RER' commuter rail
labor of love was started, with the end of linking Lyon with the surrounding cities which are gametogenesis fast. It should have a entire of 8 conga line and will convert the actual TER conga line non-automatic by the SNCF (National French Railway Network). It was planned to be to the full polished by 2010.
The unexclusive surveyor's instrument, drainage system has old person construction sear 2005 by Vélo'v
, a chain web providing a low-cost and convenient bicycle-hire service where bicycles can be hired and dropped off at any of 340 series end-to-end the city of Lyon and Villeurbane, Lyon was the first city in France to introduce this chain dealing system. Borrowing a chain for less large 30 minute book is free. Free letting time can be extended for another 30 minute book at any station. In 2011 the Auto'lib car letting service was introduced; it distillery exactly like the Velo'v but for cars.
Lyon is twinned
The lion, impression of the city, is a commonness visual image in Lyon:
A panthera leo storm door doorknocker in Lyon
The Lion Place Sathonay
The panthera leo at Maison des Avocats
A genuine panthera leo in the Parc de la Tête d'Or

The panthera leo on the shut of Lyon
Other images :
The théâtre des Célestins.
The théâtre gallo-romain.
Mullioned windows, Renaissance house, climb up the Great Coast
Maison des avocado tree in the Vieux Lyon

The Tour Rose in the Vieux Lyon

Parc de la Tête d'Or

Belltower of Charity
Nave of Church of Saint-Bruno des Chartreux

Faculties and the University Bridge
The Rhône, Pont Lafayette
Lyon from Fourvière hill, October 2015
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